CholesLo Complaints: Are They For Real?

Interesting enough, people are searching the Internet for CholesLo complaints. Was it because people are thinking to buy ChoLoesLo and they are searching to see if they can find some negative reviews, or because they were trying to find out if this natural reducing cholesterol supplement can give them some nasty side effects?

I didn’t knew the true cause of those inquires but, I did try myself to find the truth of the matter and see if there is really something wrong with this supplement. Guess what?…

Is CholesLO A Scam?…

I couldn’t find something to convince me that ‘CholesLo is a scam’, or an obscure product pushed heavily on the market so some company can make a quick buck. On the contrary, on the I found just 2 complaints regarding this product’s shipping misunderstandings.

The owner of the company himself, Dr. Sam replied every time to those allegations. But, best of all, even some satisfied customers came in his company & product defense writing:

AUTHOR: HolisticDMD –

“I am a Doctor and a satisfied customer. I have been purchasing Choleslo for two years. the product works great.

My cholesterol which was over 225 for 30 years runs now at around 156. i have never had a problem with the company in any respect. I cannot speak for the other products, however Choleslo is remarkable.”

AUTHOR: Penny – (United States of America)

“I am a 50-year-old woman with cholesterol issues, and I could not take statins. I tried Choles-Lo and could not be more pleased! After only six weeks, my triglycerides went from 222 to 157; HDL from 38 to 41, and LDL from 219.6 to 165.0. Further, I received my products in a timely manner, and I have also made comments online to which Dr. Robbins has responded (quickly, might I add). I am telling everyone I know about this product because IT WORKED FOR ME!!!”

AUTHOR: Jim Devine – (United States of America)

“I have used some of the products of HFLSolutions for a few years now. The product I use almost every day is Choleslo, a natural supplement to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. I have had amazingly excellant results lowering my cholesterol and triglycerides without changing my diet or using a prescription statin as originally recommended by my doctor. I know this products works. I have never had any problems placing orders or receiving orders over the years. So I can’t imagine that the source of the problem of this complaint is the company’s fault. Also, I am just a person who has no interest in defending this company other than to help make things clear for others who may be considering buying from them.”

WOW! To find real customers defending the product and the company and taking the time to do this without being paid to express a positive opinion… what more can I say?

It is clear to me that CholesLo is the real thing and NOT a scam.

Any CholesLo Side Effects?

I couldn’t find any negative side effects of CholesLo either. That is if do not count one complaint form a customer on that said “he couldn’t bare the garlic in the pills”. Come on, really?

First of all, garlic is one major natural lowering cholesterol food and if you really want to improve your cholesterol situation, you can’t complain about that, when there are lots of people getting results with CholesLo.

For results to be achieved however one have to respect the proper dosage instructions and give it at least 30 days time to act on your system. You can’t take it for just a week or two, and then cry out that CholesLo didn’t worked.

Besides, CholesLo has a fantastic money back guarantee. If you respected all the instructions and still are not satisfied by the product, you can ask for a refund. Find out more about this incredible natural cholesterol reducing supplement directly from the official site clicking the link below:

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